Posted by: Jamie | August 17, 2009

First Day: Success!

We are the Cardinals, my friend...

Well! I am registered for my classes. I hope this means I will be receiving a paycheck this month… This semester I’ll be taking three courses – nine credits, a standard load. Mathematical Physics, Theoretical Mechanics (woot! I love mechanics), and Quantum Mechanics I.

Because of my University Fellowship (thank you UoL!) I will not be required to teach, though I offered to substitute or fill in any holes on an unofficial basis since I enjoyed the experience so much back at MTU. In theory, the point of the fellowship is to allow me to get started on research right away. I’ll be trying to talk to [my advisor] over the next few days to see if that is an option we can go forward with. I think, regardless, I’d like to wait until after the first semester, just to see what things are going to be like.

Bonus Trivia: Of the ~8 incoming grad students I met today, I am not the only Jamie in the lot! How statistically unlikely! ^_^

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