Posted by: Jamie | October 6, 2009


Today I am substitute-teaching the recitation classes for a professor who has jury duty. A recitation class is one that is adjoined to a lecture course, where students can come and ask questions about homework and have a teacher work through some of the problems on the board.

The course is an intermediary mechanics course, so in that sense I’m looking forward to it. On the other hand, I volunteered to substitute without taking into consideration that I have two midterm exams this week. Whoops!

Update: No one showed up to the first recitation section. Since the professor told his students he’d be out of the office, this does not surprise me. In the second section there were 8 students (out of a possible 20-25), but they didn’t have any homework questions. One guy asked me what it’s like being a physics major, and one guy wanted some generic energy conservation review. We did an energy conservation and a momentum conservation just for the helluvit. Altogether it wasn’t bad, but it was sort of a let-down for me. Such is life! And especially teaching. :)

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