Posted by: Jamie | January 12, 2010


Hey, look, I’m alive! It’s a new semester – what better time to pick up a dropped project? So, what has changed since I last wrote?

1) I’ve become the webmaster for my research group’s website – when it gets launched I’ll drop a link so you can see what we’re up to.

2) I’ve realized I’m an idiot when it comes to certain things about writing on the internet, so I’m going to be going back through previous posts and either deleting them or redacting information. This is not because I have something to hide, but because it’s entirely too easy to identify people who might not want to be identified.

3) I got my first ever B grade in a course! *sadface* I, of course, maintain that the grade does not reflect my understanding of the material but, rather, my understanding of the course structure.

I think that is the major stuff for now. I hope to be really getting involved with my group this semester, now that I’ve got the hang of this whole living-here thing, and now that the puppy is mostly housetrained.

I will try to write more about actual science in the future. I have a “Particles 101”-type post in mind, but I’m trying to choose between a few different approaches.

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