Posted by: Jamie | January 25, 2010


Logo depicting laser beams and the words, "LaserFest: Celebrating 50 years of laser innovation."Preferred to Oktoberfest by 3 out of 4* scientists! No, really! I mean, I love me some booze, but if someone offered me the choice between a laser pointer (it would have to be green, though) or a beer, I would definitely take the laser. I might have to think about it really hard if they offered me a dirty martini, but a nice green laser pointer is still an essential component of my Scientist’s Arsenal that I have yet to acquire.

ANYWAY. LaserFest! It is happening! You might find yourself asking, “Why, dear god, why?” The answer to that is that it is now 2010 and, therefore, 50 years since the LASER (it’s an acronym but we seem to have given up on capitalizing it) was invented. In that time, laser innovations have become an integral part of the science and technology that surrounds us, serving functions both mundane (like the bar code scanners at grocery stores) and arcane (like using lasers to cool atoms down to near-absolute zero temperatures).

If you are so inclined, you can find a LaserFest event near you. The anniversary celebration will be going on all year. I checked the map and it doesn’t look like there’s anything planned for the US Midwest, yet. I will see if I can remedy that. In the meantime, check out the website for some cool info on why lasers are awesome.

Hat-tip to Uncertain Principles.

*Also, 38.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.


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