Posted by: Jamie | November 10, 2011

West Coast Adventures, Part 2

Getting Settled In

So here is my office.

A spare office room with three rolling chairs and lots of desk space. It’s a pretty spare place. I share it with folks from a couple other institutions, though I don’t think most of them will be here much of the time. Some of the stuff belongs to my advisor. I’m not sure if I’ll end up trying to make the place more home-y, or just leave it as is. There are a couple big kitchenettes in this building, so any food needs I have will be taken care of out there. I will probably end up keeping some tea in here, and I’ll definitely need to invest in some facial tissues, but for now I can’t think of anything else I’ll need.A desk with various office items on it, including a laptop, purse, coat, and keyboard. Yeah, it’s a little ugly, but I feel like attempts to prettify it would ultimately be wasted money, since this isn’t a permanent relocation.

Anyway, I’m happy. It’s not too frigid and the chair is comfortable.


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